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ABOUT The Man The Music The Art With the exception of the Dronolan's Tower logo and original (1st Edition) cover art for Legends of Kitholan (both illustrated by Michel Bohbot), all of the artwork and graphic design found in the CD booklets, music videos, and this website have been produced by David Allen Young. Though principally a composer, David has expanded his creative skillset to include 3D modeling, digital photography, and traditional illustration. Recent examples of his artwork can be found on YouTube. Each of the music videos created for Rise of the Barbarian feature an original illustration, produced through a combination of 3D modeling and digital painting.

Dronolan's Tower produces Epic Fantasy music, arranged for Gothic style orchestra and choir, in the tradition of movie soundtrack albums. Often compared to film music composers John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this award-winning instrumental music has found an audience amongst lovers of epic fantasy novels, adventure films, and fantasy role-playing games.

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