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Epic quests, ancient mysteries, legendary battles. . . These are the threads from which Dronolan's Tower has woven this colorful tapestry of rousing themes and scenic interludes. Scored in the grand tradition of epic cinema, this music has found an audience amongst lovers of fantasy literature, films, and role-playing games.

LISTEN TO SAMPLES 01 Charge of the Valiant 02 The Return to Krangar 03 The Traveller's Song 04 Tales of the Long Forgotten 05 Allendale Square 06 Balisaar's Great Beast 07 The Empire of Nosokru 08 Attack of the Wraiths 09 Lady Elowyn 10 Night of the Dagger 11 Sylvan Dreams 12 Voyage of the Defiant 13 The Redemption of Lord Michael 14 The Ruins of Norgaard Keep 15 The Battle of Shadow Pass 16 Journey's End Total Running Time: 64 minutes 2007 David Allen Young. All rights reserved. OWN IT NOW

Dronolan's Tower produces Epic Fantasy music, arranged for Gothic style orchestra and choir, in the tradition of movie soundtrack albums. Often compared to film music composers John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this award-winning instrumental music has found an audience amongst lovers of epic fantasy novels, adventure films, and fantasy role-playing games.

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