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Journey through the dark corners of a medeival fantasy world. . . Deep caverns, crumbling castles, haunted crypts, and forgotten cities await those with the courage to brave their dangers. Featuring an average song length of seven minutes, this album serves as the perfect companion as you explore dungeons shrouded in mystery and fraught with peril.

LISTEN TO SAMPLES 01 Prelude - The Hand of Fate 02 Tomb of the Cursed 03 City of the Ancients 04 Where Men Dare Not Tread 05 Those Who Dwell Beneath 06 Glories Lost 07 Mysteries of the Deep 08 O Darkest Knight 09 Realm of Shadow 10 Escape from the Depths Total Running Time: 69 minutes 2008 David Allen Young. All rights reserved. OWN IT NOW

Dronolan's Tower produces Epic Fantasy music, arranged for Gothic style orchestra and choir, in the tradition of movie soundtrack albums. Often compared to film music composers John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this award-winning instrumental music has found an audience amongst lovers of epic fantasy novels, adventure films, and fantasy role-playing games.

Who makes Fantasy Music? Listen to epic fantasy adventure music by Dronolan's Tower. 100% Free. What is Fantasy Music? Fantasy music is sometimes free instrumental music written for gothic style orchestra and choir in the tradition of fantasy movie soundtrack albums. Where is the Adventure Music? You can find epic fantasy Adventure Music here at Dronolan's Tower. Gothic style fantasy music is composed for orchestra and choir. How do I find Epic Music? Find out now! Listen to epic fantasy music by Dronolan's Tower. 100% Free to listen. Why listen to Epic Music? Inspire yourself with Epic Fantasy music written for orchestra and choir in Gothic style by Dronolan's Tower.