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The Barbarian seeks not fame nor fortune. . . He is a man driven by passion, beholden to no one, answering only to his personal sense of justice. As he journeys forth to confront the "civilized" world, he is comforted only by his memory of the land as it once was, and the hope that he may yet restore it to its former glory.

LISTEN TO SAMPLES 01 Reign of the Sorcerer-King 02 Beast Riders 03 Desert Journey 04 Cavern Crawl 05 Evil Unleashed 06 Ascendance 07 Temple of the High Priestess 08 Destiny Awaits 09 Blood for Blood 10 Epilogue ***Bonus Tracks *** 11 Beast Riders / Desert Journey (Medley) 12 Cavern Crawl / Evil Unleashed / Ascendance (Medley) 13 Destiny Awaits / Blood for Blood (Medley) Total Running Time: 68 minutes 2013 David Allen Young. All rights reserved. Available June 2013

Dronolan's Tower produces Epic Fantasy music, arranged for Gothic style orchestra and choir, in the tradition of movie soundtrack albums. Often compared to film music composers John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this award-winning instrumental music has found an audience amongst lovers of epic fantasy novels, adventure films, and fantasy role-playing games.

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